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Uramex VFC Heckler & Koch 416 D Review

So here I have the first of a series of videos looking at the Templar teams gear and guns. This is the H&K 416 D made by Umarex/VFC under licence from Heckler  & Koch used by T-05. The build quality of this thing is amazing and it sports the following features; H&K...

Flyye Industries 36inch Gun Bag

Transporting your airsoft guns to and from games can be a chore, especially when most airsofters primary concern is in keeping themselves discreet. The Flyye Industries Gun Bag can help with that and below I take a look at this great piece of kit.

Snakeskin Camouflage Pattern Tutorial

Here I show you how I created the snakeskin camouflage pattern on my M4 Airsoft Gun. Painting Your Airsoft Gun A Painted airsoft gun is one of those things that you either love or hate. It has it’s benefits in that because airsoft is played at close quarters, it does assist...