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Airsoft is a great sport for all ages but there are some things that you must consider before playing. Below is a list, a check list if you like, of things to be aware of before playing your first game!

  • It can be very physical. You don’t need any level of fitness to play airsoft but just consider that things are always more fun when you’re not gasping for air. Don’t be put off though if you have never seen the inside of a gym. There are plenty of people of all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness that play. Just expect to have to move a little quickly on your feet, otherwise you may find yourself getting shot a lot.
  • Eye Protection. The bb’s that these guns fire, in the UK are generally restricted to below 350 Feet Per Second (FPS), however that is still very much fast enough to cause you to loose your eyesight if hit with one. Never play airsoft without adequate eye protection, and never remove your eye protection during a game. Only do that in the safe zone!
  • Pain! Yes Airsofting does hurt and yes you hear some horror stories of how people have had bb’s lodged into their face but more often than not these stories come from countries where safety is lax and/or their guns are allowed to be very powerful. If you are a newcomer to the sport, pretty much all sites in the UK will make you wear full face protection, which is more than adequate. Getting shot on the rest of your body can sting a little too, but that’s part of the fun… isn’t it?!
  • Gloves. I would recommend some form of glove because it can hurt a lot taking a bb on the knuckle. Being an ex soldier who never cared much for gloves in the army I decided I wouldn’t use gloves for airsoft. In one of my early games I took a bb to mu knuckle from a few feet away and to say it hurt would be an understatement! Just a one off I thought, so I carried on without gloves. A few weeks later and my still sore knuckle was hit again, in the same spot and this time it tooks weeks to heal…… I now wear gloves!
  •  Blind firing. Always aim down your sights, or at least over the top of your weapon sights, when firing. Remember you are still firing very fast projectiles so do not just stick your gun around the corner and pull the trigger. This is known as “blind firing” and can be dangerous.
  • Never use dirty bb’s. You will undoubtedly see at airsoft sites thousands of bb’s lying around on the floor and may think this is a cheap way to gain some ammo. Think again! These bb’s will damage your gun and internal mechanisms. Do not use them.
  • Follow site rules. Ensure you always follow your site rules when playing. They are there for a reason and there should be no reason whatsoever to break them, and doing so could cause someone else to become injured.
  • Honesty. Airsoft is a sport of honesty. Unlike paint ball, bb’s leave no visible mark on your clothing therefore the sport relies heavily on those people who have been hit, to call it and remove themselves. You’ll normally only be dead for a few minutes as you walk back to the starting point (spawn point) so there’s really no excuse!

Enjoy Airsoft

Remember, Airsoft as a sport is there for our enjoyment. Play to enjoy it and you’ll never be disappointed and bare in mind that the people you are playing against are there to enjoy airsoft too!

Can you think of any more basic’s that I’ve missed? If so, comment below!!