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Ares Amoeba M4 Review

Recently I’ve been getting to grips with the Ares Amoeba M4, sent over to me by Just Cause Airsoft. It’s a lightweight, polymer AEG that is compatible with the Ares Fire Control System and also incorporates a quick change spring system. So, here is a breakdown and review of the gun.

If you’d rather watch the video review, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Un-boxing The Gun

Upon first impressions this gun feels sturdy. I’m not a fan of polymer guns myself but this doesn’t instantly feel all plastic and cheap. It feels solid as a rock and seems to be made well.  The RAS is as solid as you can get and feels nice. There is a little wobble on the stock, but no more than you get from a fair amount of AEG’s on the markets today.

Ares Amoeba M4

Rear Stock

This AEG comes with a 6 position nylon fibre reinforced crane style stock. It’s nice and sturdy and as I mentioned before comes with just a little bit of wobble. It also houses the battery as this particular model is rear wired. The battery compartment is accessed by pulling down on a little latch which then enables the butt pad of the stock to fold down. The rear stock pad is solid polymer like the rest of the stock, although it isn’t really noticeable when shouldering the weapon, especially given that there is no recoil. There is room in there for Crane Stock NiMH batteries, and you can also get your Li-Po’s and Li-FE’s in there too.

Amoeba M4 Crane Stock


Pistol Grip

Moving further forward along the gun there is a nicely textured pistol grip. It feel good in the hand and, again, doesn’t feel any weaker than any other AEG out there. The trigger response is good and the safety switch on this gun is nice and solid. It isn’t too stiff or too loose, which is nice. Some guns out of the box have a safety switch so tight that it’s an effort to switch between fire modes, while others are so loose that accidental switches are common. This suffers from neither and is just right. The charging handle is working and does pull the fake bolt to the rear enabling you to adjust your hop, however it doesn’t lock to the rear so you do need to keep hold of it. The dust cover is also working and will lock close or spring open when you pull the charging handle.

Amoeba M4 Pistol Grip

Magazine Release

The Amoeba M4 comes with an enlarged magazine release button, which is not going to be to everyone’s liking. Personally I like it. It’s easy to get to, easily identifiable and easy to use. With a larger button you do get the risk of accidental knocking, but it is stiff enough to prevent that. The battery assist button on this AEG is purely aesthetic.

Amoeba M4 Magazine Release

The gun also comes with a 300 round high cap polymer magazine which again feels very robust. The magazine also incorporates a magazine pull into its base which is a nice touch. It’s a feature that is seen on a few other magazines out there now and, to be honest, I quite like it. Also on the magazine is a fake window section with fake 5.56mm rounds inside and the same textured surface that we can see on the pistol grip.

Amoeba M4 Magazine

 Front End

Moving onto the front end of the gun we have a metal, 10.5 inch outer barrel with a 14mm (clockwise), metal flash hider. The iron sights on this gun are not adjustable with the rear, quick detach, iron sights being polymer. The front sight post is a metal flip up sight and is incorporated into a metal, low profile gas block. This gas block also includes a rail along the top so you can, if desired, fit your own iron sights to this.

Amoeba M4 Iron sight

Fire Control System

One of the great things about this gun is that it incorporates the Ares Fire Control System (sold separately) which essentially lets you switch between semi, 3 round burst and full auto. All you do is select which type of battery your using, plug the cable from your gun into one side of the FCS and plug your battery into the other side of the FCS. Once this is done you can then choose between your fire selector switch operating on semi auto and 3 round burst, semi auto and full auto, 3 round burst and full auto, or semi auto and semi auto. Hit enter, test fire the gun and then you’re ready to rock. It literally takes less than a minute.

Ares Fire control system


Out of the box this gun runs at about 380 – 390fps which, for the UK, is too hot for full auto and 3 round burst but that is easily fixed. This gun utilises a quick change spring which means all you need to do is pop off the stock and stock tube to expose the rear of the gearbox. Undo the spring guide screw and then rotate the spring guide 90 degrees and it will pop out. After that, pull out your spring, replace it with a lower powered one and reverse the process. All done in a few minutes. Accuracy wise it’s also pretty good. I used standard 0.2g bb’s at 55ft and got a nice size grouping in semi automatic on my A4 size targets below (3 round burst is on the left). The sights weren’t zeroed in so the rounds are off centre but the spread isn’t too big. The 3 round burst grouping obviously grows larger, but that is the same with any gun. If the sights were zeroed in then those shots would have peppered all around the centre of mass, which on an A4 size target is enough to allow you to hit your enemy in battle. Trigger response on this is also pretty good. You don’t need to hold down the trigger on 3 round burst and the response is snappy when in semi automatic.

Targets Amoeba M4


To summarise the Ares Amoeba M4 is a nice AEG. It feels solid and weighs in at only 4lbs so is nice and light, and is ideal for younger players, newcomers to the sport or those who just want to run a lighter than realistic M4. The trigger response is good on it also, and the ability to easily switch between fire modes using the Fire Control System is a nice touch, if you choose to purchase that. Likewise with the ease of changing the spring. One criticism I do have is the rear sights. It would be nice to have some adjustable iron sights included, however as you can see from the impacts above on the target they just about do the job in terms of hitting your target, although at a greater range those shots will miss and you’ll need to aim off. The stock is nice and the magazine it comes with is also nicely made. None of it, despite essentially being plastic, feels cheap and I think the only disappointment people will have with this gun is if they think they’re buying a full metal one. With it’s snappy trigger and versatility in terms of fire modes I think this will make anyone who purchases it very happy. As I mentioned at the start, I’m not really a fan of polymer guns. I prefer the realism that a full metal airsoft gun brings in terms of weight, having said that, I would be more than happy to play games with this gun. Price wise it comes in at £165.99 which, is quite reasonable for the build quality and accuracy.

Video Review


This airsoft gun is available from Just Cause Airsoft for £165.99.

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