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Blitz CQB London – Pre Build Review

So a few weeks ago the guys from Airborne Airsoft invited me down to Whitechapel, London to take a look at their latest venture: An indoor CQB venue based just off centre of London. Blitz CQB, in association with Ultimate Recreation, is a fully custom built, bombed out Whitechapel, located within an industrial unit. Featuring a terraced row of shops, an embassy, a jail, and even a church, this site certainly has the premise to be an impressive place to airsoft, and while the site was only half built when I visited, it isn’t hard to imagine how the place will look when they are finished with it.

Airborne Airsoft Blitz CQBConstruction wise the place is built very solidly, and you can see the effort the team have put in. Standing at roughly the size of a football pitch there are plenty of places to hide and shoot from as well as plenty of opportunities for cross building fire. Tactics wise, in my opinion, the site will be more suited to fast paced CQB type games rather than the longer range sniping type games, although having said, that there are plenty of murder holes that have been built into the buildings which would be perfect for snipers.

Airborne Airsoft Blitz CQBFacilities wise, with the site being located inside a building, there are proper toilets and I’m led to believe there will be an onsite shop selling chocolate bars, drinks and the like, as well as there being a bar on the floor above for some after game drinks. With it being located just on the outskirts of the City of London there are plenty of opportunities to use public transport to get too and from the site, but for those wanting to use a car there is plenty of free parking space available. Within the game zone itself there is also a viewing platform available for friends and family to sit and watch the airsoft carnage unfold.

In Game Props

Airborne Airsoft Blitz CQBAs previously said the site is made up of terraced buildings, a church, a police station (with jail cells), an embassy, and, of all things, a replica of the cenotaph. Some of these buildings are multi level incorporating a mixture of stairs and ramps. These things alone are pretty impressive in their own right but what makes them even more impressive is the fact that they have been built to look like they have taken a shelling from some German bombers during The Blitz. Alongside the bombed out buildings there will be adjustable lighting and sound effects blasting over a PA system to really give the site the atmosphere it deserves.

Price wise a game here will cost you £30 for 4 hours of play, which, considering the level of detail involved and atmosphere provided, isn’t bad. This is also not the original intended pricing plan, but after some feedback from potential customers Airborne Airsoft decided to make the adjustment: it’s always good to have a company willing to listen to it’s customer base. Capacity wise the site can take 40 players and is open for private bookings too.


Although my visit to Blitz CQB was prior to the build finish, it wasn’t hard for me to envisage how this site will turn out. The effort put into this place is evident with the build, and I have no doubt that shooting there will be great fun. In fact, as I finish this article off, Airborne have just finished with their pre opening game and unsurprisingly the feedback looks very good.

At the time of publishing this there were still places available for the opening night (19 August 2015) at Blitz CQB.

To book your place at Blitz CQB and get in on the action visit Airborne Airsoft at

Airborne Airsoft Blitz CQB

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