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Ambush Adventures Airsoft

Chobham started life as a paintball site 15 years ago, but has been an Airsoft site for the last 5 years.The 46 acre site is completely flat, so there’s no hills for the older players amongst us to worry about, Chobham is not the largest site in the UK, but this has its advantages. For starters you wont have to walk far to playing area and if/when you get shot to walk back to the safe zone isn’t a marathon distance, which is good when it’s time for lunch.

Chobham is basically split into four main areas; the little woods, Village, Large woods, Fortress and Killing house, to describe the site, i would call it a mixed urban & woodland site, you get the best of both worlds.

From the moment you get to the site to the moment you leave, you feel welcome, Regular players are friendly, helpful and honest and most will let you handle their kit if you are interested in it. The on site facilities are very good with male & female toilets, the walk on fee is cheaper then most sites. The games played are varied and enjoyable and the terrain of the site makes for some interesting fire fights.

Map of Ambush Adventures Chobham

Ambush Adventures Chobham Map

Site Information

  • £40 rental (including safety equipment, gun, 3,000 bbs and lunch)
  • £25 walk on for non members (you must have your own gun and safety equipment, lunch provided)
  • £20 walk on for members (you must have your own gun and safety equipment, lunch provided)
  • £15 Junior Day (under 18’s Only)
  • porta-loo toilet facilities
  • On site shop (Just Cause Airsoft)

Visit their website to book on.

This is where airsofting started for me. It is a great little site that provides some pretty intense skirmishing. The site owners and staff are all extremely friendly and make you feel welcome whether it’s your first game or whether your a veteran to the sport. The first day I turned up the owner, Charlie, was straight over to me and my group introducing himself. It’s has a real family feel to it. Their prices are pretty fair and you get a meal included on game days. The site is quite compact so if you’re looking for a massive site to roam around all day on then this isn’t the place. It’s big enough to create some great battles but still small enough to keep the fight constant.

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