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Danger Close Airsoft

Danger Close Airsoft is the newest addition to East Anglia’s skirmishing core. However, we do things a little differently…

We’re the only Urban/CQB skirmish site in the area of Norfolk and Suffolk, only 30 minutes away from Norwich and even less from Lowestoft and Gt.Yarmouth! Based in Ellough, near Beccles, on the Raceway we’re easy to find and an awesome opportunity to try something new! Surely we’re all sick of woodland by now, right?

Map of Ambush Danger Close Airsoft

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Site Information

  • £15 walk on fee (you must have your own gun and safety equipment)
  • £25 rental (including safety equipment, shotgun, 500 bb’s)
  • £35 rental (including safety equipment, rifle, 2,000 bb’s)
  • £15 Junior Day (under 18’s Only)
  • porta-loo toilet facilities

Visit their website to book on.

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