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Enola Gaye EG81X Smoke Grenade Review

Today I’m taking a look at the various smoke grenade products available from Enola Gaye, and in particular the EG18X.

So up until recently I have been put off from using smoke grenades or bombs while airsofting due to them falling slightly short of my expectations. Coming from a military background I have extensive experience with military smoke grenades and for obvious reasons they are excellent at providing smoke screens. Nothing I had really seen, up until recently, even compared. I wasn’t sure if this was due to bad products or due to poor smoke deployment and thankfully over time I realised that the lack of impressiveness was in fact due to bad deployment of these products, rather than the products being bad themselves.

Using Smoke Grenades

The thing to remember when using a smoke grenade to provide a smoke screen is that you must account for wind direction. Many times I have seen people just lob a smoke grenade to the area they want screened only to have the wind blow it away, making the whole exercise of deploying smoke a waste of time. When deploying smoke, judge the wind direction and throw your grenade into the wind to allow that wind to push your smoke to the area you want screened. You want to aim to get your smoke grenade 5 to 10 metres away from the area you want screened depending on the strength of the wind, and you should always wait for the screen to build before moving off as smoke screens are not instantly created. They take a few seconds.

Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades EG18XWhy Enola Gaye?

With the realisation that it was probably user error more than anything else that made my experience of smoke in airsoft bad, I decided to look at some products. In doing so I came across the Enola Gaye EG18X, which Enola Gaye claim to be as good as a military smoke as you can get on the civilian market. After asking around I found them hard to come by so bought some of their other smoke grenades to test out in-game and my initial impression was very good. Following a few good experiences with the Enola Gay products I approached them to try and grab some of their stuff to review and they very kindly gave me a box of products to play with. Now one thing I love about the Enola Gaye products are their wire pull system. This system essentially gives you a grenade pin to pull causing the smoke to initiate, instead of having to use a fuse and striker system, and they work excellently. You simply take the pin and pull it at 90 degrees to the grenade. Overall I’ve seen about 50 of these used now and am yet to see a single failure of the wire pull system. When you compare that to other products that have a fuse and striker system, which I have used and had regular failures with, that is pretty good.

Now they produce various smoke products which are the standard Wire Pull smoke grenades, Burst, EG18 and the EG18X. The standard Wire Pull pumps out a full 90 seconds of smoke deployment while the Burst deploys the same volume of smoke, but in half the time. This is due to the grenade venting at both ends, rather than just at the top as per the standard Wire Pull. This gives a much quicker and thicker smoke deployment, but for a shorter period of time. This is the same difference between the EG18 and EG18X. Both have the same output with the EG18 deploying that screen with about 90 seconds of burn time and the EG18X doing the same thing in about 50 seconds.

Now with the EG18X, it is a bigger product than the Burst and Wire Pull and as such, comes with a higher price tag. Just Cause Airsoft sell the EG18X for £6.50 compared to £3.00 for the standard Wire Pull smokes but this cost is all relative. If you are into MilSim or want a great smoke effect you probably won’t mind paying for the EG18 or 18X, I know I don’t mind the extra cost, and they are definitely the one’s to get. If you still want a good smoke screen but don’t want to pay the higher price tag, then the Wire Pull and Burst are still very good products and still recommended. Personally, for me, I can honestly say that the EG18X are very, very impressive and are exactly what I have been looking for to add to my loadout to use on my airsofting adventures! I will definitely be carrying a few of these on my kit for every event I go to and highly recommend them.

Check out my video review or the products below.

Enola Gaye Wire Pull and EG18X from Just Cause Airsoft

Enola Gaye

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