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Gunman Eversley – “The Valley” boasts a 200 acre block of mixed terrain supported by a silver birch, Pine and rhododendron forest. With natural hills and a sweeping valley that passes around its heights, Eversley is a great location for airsoft and theme events. During the winter the evergreens provide cover as well as the hill and features that have been added and in the summer the whole site gets a jungle flavour with ferns growing up all over the site. The silver birch areas are clear all year round and make for natural brakes in the cover and good spots for harbour areas or CPs.

Map of Gunman Airsoft – Eversley

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Site Information

  • £50 rental (including safety equipment and gun)
  • £25 walk on for non members (you must have your own gun and safety equipment)
  • porta-loo toilet facilities
  • On site shop selling pyrotechnic, bb’s, airsoft guns and tactical gear.

Visit their website to book on.

Eversley is a great woodland site. It’s quite large and has an unrestricted playing field in game which means you can make some serious flanking manoeuvres, but that can cause play to stall a little if your enemy decide to take a large detour. It’s full of shell scrapes, mortar pits and little huts and natural cover that make the battle good. This site runs full on MilSim events as well so there is something for everyone here.

Comment below with your experiences of Eversley!