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Game Day at Ambush Adventures Southampton

On Sunday 20th May I headed down to Southampton with my buddy to play at the Ambush Adventures airsofting site there. This site was closed for a little while hence me not playing there before despite Ambush Adventures running my local sites. So, here is a brief breakdown of the day.

First Impressions

Getting to the site is a little tricky if you don’t keep your eyes peeled. The access to it is signposted Ambush Paintball and is very small. It leads onto a small track which makes it’s way round a hill and through some small farm houses and land. I wasn’t entirely sure I was driving down the right track to begin with but persevere and you will arrive.  A point to note as well is that you will struggle for a phone signal there, especially the internet, so if like me, you can’t find it and think “I’ll just check the map”, it ain’t going to happen. So make sure you check the map and area out before driving down there otherwise you may well miss it and end up being late. This is something that the site are addressing, and once they get permission they’ll be putting a larger sign up to clearly indicate where they are.

Ambush Adventures Airsofting's Saef Zone in SouthamptonOnce inside I had a look around the safe zone and was impressed with how it was laid out. There is plenty of benches and tables for your gear and to sit on and all is under cover, which was handy as it hammered it down with rain. There’s an on site shop selling cans of drink and mars bars etc and the resident airsofting shop, Just Cause Airsoft, were on site too. Toilet facilities were pretty good, comprising of a relatively well kept porta-cabin. Safety rules were laid out clearly and concisely, a given with Ambush Adventures sites in my experience, and we were ready to play!


The site at Southampton consists of woodland and open areas. It’s large enough that you can carry out some sneaky flanking and sniping manoeuvres but not so large that you end up with large lulls in the battle. Their is a large fort in the centre of the area, an old pirate ship type thing, a few huts and bridges dotted around the place and a trench system. All are interlaced with ditches which make for some great game play and routes to take while attacking dug in enemy positions, if you don’t mind getting a bit wet. The wooded areas range from dense to sparse as well so there is a good mix of terrain to play in.


Ambush Adventures Airsofting in Southampton - A sniper moves into postionBecause this was Easter weekend all of the games had an Easter egg element to them. The first game was an attack and defend game with the defending team inside the fort. It’s quite a difficult fort to take as there was a temporary grenade ban in place so the game lasted a fair amount of time (think it was 15 minutes for each team). Once we had taken the fort the team had to assemble a kinder egg toy and the winner was decided by quickest time to take the fort and build the toy. After this we we had a 4 stage attack game, which lasted about 45 minutes for each team. This was a great game, I’m a fan of longer running battles rather than quick skirmishes and this catered for that perfectly. The first stage was to attack a small hut using the trees and some small ditches for cover. Stage 2 was an up hill assault on a machine gun position using trenches, ditches and a few trees for cover. Stage 3 was an attack on the fort from the taken machine gun position and stage 4 was an attack on a wooden hut deep in the forestry block. This multi stage attack and defend game was my favourite part of the airsofting day because the game lasted a good length of time and also allowed for multiple variations in tactics. Lunch, which is included in the price, came in the form of hot dog and chips (a welcome bit of warmth from the rain), and the shop was there to buy some chocolate bars and cans of drink from too. The afternoon games included an Easter egg hunt, and a control point game but due to the torrential rain players started to head home and as such the last control point game resulted in 2 teams of 4 playing against each other. It was still a great game and the rain added to the atmosphere and intensity of play.


You see footage below of the 4 stage attack and defend game. Overall the day was excellent and the rain increased the atmosphere and intensity of play. The site is a great mix of woodland, ditches, trenches, bunkers, barriers and a fort. There’s enough trees dotted around for those airsofters among you who prefer to stand behind cover so as not to get your kit dirty, and there’s even more opportunities for the hardcore players among you who like to get down and dirty. Tactically this site covers all aspects too. You can run at your enemy screaming and shooting, flank them, snipe them, assault them and even sneak up on them. This truly is a great airsofting site and whether you’re after a more serious type battlefield or if your just after an all out fun day of airsoft, you won’t be disappointed.

To book onto the Southampton Airsofting Site visit the Ambush Adventures Airsofting website.

Michael Perridge
About the Author
Mike is an ex British soldier who now works full time as a private security contractor. He has carried out numerous tasks within the military and within the private sector that involve similar tactics to which can be used in airsoft. He started playing airsoft in 2012 and has since launched this website to share his knowledge with the airsofting community. To find out more about Mike, visit the About Templar Airsoft Page.

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