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Operation Homeland: Longmoor FIBUA Village

I recently played a loose Airsoft Milsim event run by Ambush Adventures at the military training village called Longmoor. Having played airsoft their once before and being on exercise, god knows how many times in the army, I was a little excited to go back. It’s a great little village with a couple of FOB’s (Forward Operating Bases) and an old Northern Ireland style PB (Patrol Base). The village itself isn’t really a village as such, rather it is an old married quarters estate that was transformed into a place for troops to practice house to house fighting and patrols. There is also a railway line with some train carriages; two disused Lynx helicopters located just outside the small estate; an old disused Wessex helicopter, although I haven’t been near where this is located since I was in the army so this may have been removed; an old Chieftain tank; and a great tunnel network, although the tunnels are generally locked during airsoft events. All in all, a great little battle zone for Airsofting.

Game Play

As I mentioned before, this was a loose Milsim, and what I mean by that is that Ambush weren’t massively strict on team structure. We still had military style objectives to complete, such as search and locate intelligence items, and strict ammunition limits,  but the teams weren’t rigidly structured into a military format. This meant that if you wanted to go off in your own little 4 man team, then you could, or, if you wanted to work in a larger team this was also possible. I ended up being nominated, despite trying to hide, for team commander duties so it was down to me to brief the lads in my team on the missions.

The first mission was to locate 4 laptops in the village and obtain a code on them. Each code would then be added together to create a code that would then open an ammunition box containing the intelligence we needed to extract. At this point we were to pop smoke and and wait for an extraction. This game took all morning to play out and took us right up until lunch which started at about 13:00 (I think. I can’t really remember to be honest as the time flew by). Neither team managed to complete this mission. I can’t comment on why the other team didn’t complete the mission but my team failed due to us not being strict enough with the functions of individuals. This caused confusion among our team when trying to ascertain amongst ourselves which houses had been cleared and which houses needed to be searched still. This wasn’t really a problem because it was a loose milsim and everyone was happy playing like that, at least on my team anyway.

The second mission we carried out was to break into a house and plant a charge to destroy it. Once inside the house we would have to hold it until a given time at which point the charge would be set with a 5 minute delay. Because of the confusion that occurred on the first mission I decided, being the team leader, to properly assign tasks for this mission. I tasked one group of out team to push into a house along side the target building with arcs of fire covering the and of our terrace. Another team pushed into a house 4 houses along on the same street while another team moved into a house south of us to cover our extraction once the charge had been set. It went as expected and we were able to hold the house and plant the charge with minimal problems. I’ve marked the target building with a red dot on the map below. The arrows are the where the groups from my team were placed to cover the target building. The map is not orientated to North, but if you look to the target building and move upwards, you can see that the gardens are walled. This made it easy for use to defend any approach from this direction from the first floor of the target building.

The final game was more of a fun finisher which involved locating balloons and hiding them in a safe location and then, after a give time, we had to hunt and destroy the other teams balloons with only one life to do so.

Here is a small map of Longmoor FIBUA village:

Longmoor FIBUA Village for Airsoft


Because Longmoor is a military training area that is in constant use, the facilities are pretty good. There are portaloos, or solid toilets depending on which area of the camp the safe zone is located. Lunch was not provided on this game day by Ambush, however they did have a posh burger van type guy there selling pulled pork, beef jerky and some other nice treats. I never had anything from there myself but apparently the food was very nice. As always the resident shop for Ambush Adventures, Just Cause Airsoft, was there and as always they’re great guys.


The cost for this day was £40 and that was just the game fee. Because the airsofting events at Longmoor are not regular there is no rental price here that Ambush offer. As said, it is a milsim themed event so you need to have all your own gear.


I don’t really have any regarding the day to be honest. Longmoor itself is a military training area that is rented by Ambush and other companies so it would be unfair to make criticisms of the area as there is nothing that Ambush, or any other company, can do with regard to the facilities.


Here is a small clip of the day highlighting some of the area. Enjoy and if you like it please share it, like it and subscribe!

Michael Perridge
About the Author
Mike is an ex British soldier who now works full time as a private security contractor. He has carried out numerous tasks within the military and within the private sector that involve similar tactics to which can be used in airsoft. He started playing airsoft in 2012 and has since launched this website to share his knowledge with the airsofting community. To find out more about Mike, visit the About Templar Airsoft Page.

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