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Kit for a 24Hr MilSim and My Opinion on Training for Airsoft: Q&A Episode #6

Today in Episode 6 of the Templar Airsoft Questions and Answers I answer your questions on MilSim kit and training for airsoft. To subscribe to me on YouTube click HERE! Don’t have a...

Chest Rig or Plate Carrier and Are PTW’s Overpriced: Q&A Episode #5

Today in Episode 5 of the Templar Airsoft Questions and Answers I answer your questions. To subscribe to me on YouTube click HERE! Don’t have a YouTube account? Then no problem, sign up to...

Operation Justify: MilSim Series

The opening teaser for my up and coming MilSim series for Operation Justify with Airborne Airsoft. This one day airsoft MilSim event took place at Bramley training area in the UK. The area itself...

FMA Ops Core Maritime Helmet Review

The FMA version of the Ops Core Maritime kevlar helmet is a great replica. Made well, solid build quality and reasonably priced at around £60.00 from Helmet World. With a quick adjust harness set up, much like it’s real counterpart,...

Enola Gaye EG81X Smoke Grenade Review

Today I’m taking a look at the various smoke grenade products available from Enola Gaye, and in particular the EG18X. So up until recently I have been put off from using smoke grenades or bombs while airsofting due to them falling slightly short of my expectations. Coming from a military background I have extensive experience with...
Ambush Adventures Airsoft: The Billet CQBAmbush Adventures Southampton Airsoft SiteOperation Integrate MilSim seriesSimulate Explosive Entry2015 Airsofting HighlightsUCAP Airsoft's The Sandpit

Airsoft CQB at Ambush Adventures ‘The Billet’

Here is some CQB game play footage from an evening game at Ambush Adventures CQB site: The Billet. It’s a

Ambush Adventures: A Sunday Skirmish

  A little while back I decided to pop down to Ambush Adventures’ Southampton site for a great Sunday

Operation Integrate MilSim Teaser

The teaser trailer to my up and coming MilSim series from Operation Integrate held at Longmoor Urban Training

Explosive Entry | Just Cause Airsoft Tactical Training Day

Explosive Entry Training with Just Cause Airsoft and Ambush Adventures on their Tactical Training Day. **This is a

2015 Airsofting Highlights

So here I take a look back over my airsofting adventures during 2015. It’s been a great year for me.

UCAP The Sandpit Skirmish

Here I took a day to skirmish at the excellent UCAP Airsoft’s Sandpit site. The site itself is situated at a

The BEST Shooting Stance and Grip

Today I’m going to write about the BEST shooting stance and grip that you can take for airsofting when using your primary/rifle, or to be more precise, I’m going to talk about the fact that there is no such thing! I was prompted to...

Do Real World Tactics And Methods Work In Airsoft?

Here’s a question that pops up every now and then on various forums and Facebook pages. Do real life tactics translate to Airsoft, and if so, how well? For the most part, yes they do, however there are many, many real life tactics that...

Dressing as OpFor and Tips for Night Ops: Q&A Episode #4

In today’s Q&A session I give my opinion on dressing as OpFor (Opposing Forces) and answer questions on how best to work at night, and what I did during my time in the British Army. Check it out! To subscribe to me on YouTube click HERE! Dont have a YouTube account?...

Favourite Field of Play and SEAL’s Vs Rangers: Q&A Episode #3

On Episode 3 of Q&A I answer the following questions; Do you think I could draw or paint on a design onto my M16 using a Sharpie or paint brush, or should I just use spray paint? Do you need Co2 for the Walther PPQ? Do you need gas for the TM Glock 17? Can the muzzle and...
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