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Fill Your Mags

Time and time again I see people struggling to fill their airsoft pistol magazines with speedloaders. BB’s popping around everywhere bouncing around on the floor and the tops of your...

Are Facebook Banning Airsoft

So, last week there was a big fuss on Facebook about whether or not Facebook was banning airsoft from appearing on it’s social media platform. The fuss seems to have stemmed from the...

British Airsoft Show

So, over the weekend I headed on over to the British Airsoft Show along with the guys from Just Cause Airsoft. I had the opportunity to set up my own stand there, and did so in the hope of...
Ambush Adventures Airsoft: The Billet CQBAmbush Adventures Southampton Airsoft SiteOperation Integrate MilSim seriesSimulate Explosive Entry2015 Airsofting HighlightsUCAP Airsoft's The Sandpit

Airsoft CQB at Ambush Adventures ‘The Billet’

Here is some CQB game play footage from an evening game at Ambush Adventures CQB site: The Billet. It’s a

Ambush Adventures: A Sunday Skirmish

  A little while back I decided to pop down to Ambush Adventures’ Southampton site for a great Sunday

Operation Integrate MilSim Teaser

The teaser trailer to my up and coming MilSim series from Operation Integrate held at Longmoor Urban Training

Explosive Entry | Just Cause Airsoft Tactical Training Day

Explosive Entry Training with Just Cause Airsoft and Ambush Adventures on their Tactical Training Day. **This is a

2015 Airsofting Highlights

So here I take a look back over my airsofting adventures during 2015. It’s been a great year for me.

UCAP The Sandpit Skirmish

Here I took a day to skirmish at the excellent UCAP Airsoft’s Sandpit site. The site itself is situated at a

Welcome To My Airsoft World

Well, welcome to my digital small version of it! Hopefully with this website I can provide at least a small few people with some sound advice on Airsofting. My goal with this site is to create a small community, with everyone throwing ideas in the comments for what they’d...
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