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Ambush Southampton is located in over 50 acres of the New Forest, with an unlimited range of scenarios for the seven game areas, with a mix of unique and traditional games to be played.  One of the great things about the site is it suits all paying styles, if you are a sniper there are some areas with great cover, this site will suit the needs of your playing style.

Located in the New Forest on the Southampton an Salisbury border, there is more then enough natural cover for this site to become sniper heaven, however, close combat is not a term that has been forgotten, many a time you come face to face with friend and foe.

Containing a WW1 style trench system, a large fort and tower and a pirate ship, as well as the more common village and barricade zones which both include bridges and forest in the areas this is a very divers airsofting site. For those who play Ambush sites frequently it genuinely is a mix of all the good stuff from Chobham (with about 20% less of the water and mud!) and Lasham with about 40% more buildings and Forts.

Map of Ambush Adventures Southampton

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Site Information

  • £40 rental (including safety equipment, gun, 3,000 bbs and lunch)
  • £25 walk on for non members (you must have your own gun and safety equipment, lunch provided)
  • £20 walk on for members (you must have your own gun and safety equipment, lunch provided)
  • porta-loo toilet facilities
  • On site shop (Just Cause Airsoft)

Visit their website to book on.

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