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Tactical Training Day Final Exercise

Take a look at part of the final exercise we run airsofters through on the Just Cause Airsoft and Ambush Adventures Tactical Training Days.

A point to note:

The drills the guys are taught on this training day are real tactics and real methodology used from real experience. They are NOT taught this stuff to make them capable of doing it for real. They are taught this stuff out of their own interest, for fun, and to improve their airsoft game.

The drills are real… the purpose is not.


Michael Perridge
About the Author
Mike is an ex British soldier who now works full time as a private security contractor. He has carried out numerous tasks within the military and within the private sector that involve similar tactics to which can be used in airsoft. He started playing airsoft in 2012 and has since launched this website to share his knowledge with the airsofting community. To find out more about Mike, visit the About Templar Airsoft Page.

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