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Airsoft CQB at Ambush Adventures ‘The Billet’

Here is some CQB game play footage from an evening game at Ambush Adventures CQB site: The Billet. It’s a great little, former army barracks, airsofting site. Up close and personal is the word here! Subscribe to Templar Airsoft on YouTube HERE!

Ambush Adventures: A Sunday Skirmish

  A little while back I decided to pop down to Ambush Adventures’ Southampton site for a great Sunday skirmish. The site is a nice little woodland site filled with little structures, bridges, ditches, a fort and a trench system. Definitely a site I recommend for a fun...

Explosive Entry | Just Cause Airsoft Tactical Training Day

Explosive Entry Training with Just Cause Airsoft and Ambush Adventures on their Tactical Training Day. **This is a training day aimed at airsofters having fun with scenario based training. Although it is based on real world tactics, it is not designed, intended, or otherwise...

Tactical Training Day Final Exercise

Take a look at part of the final exercise we run airsofters through on the Just Cause Airsoft and Ambush Adventures Tactical Training Days. A point to note: The drills the guys are taught on this training day are real tactics and real methodology used from real experience. They...

Operation Homeland: Longmoor FIBUA Village

I recently played a loose Airsoft Milsim event run by Ambush Adventures at the military training village called Longmoor. Having played airsoft their once before and being on exercise, god knows how many times in the army, I was a little excited to go back. It’s a great...

Gameplay Footage – Ambush Southampton

Here is some in game footage form my trip down to Southampton to visit Ambush Adventures Airsofting. It is a great woodland airsofting site containing a fort and other smaller buildings and trenches, that allows for  a wide range of tactics.

Game Day at Ambush Adventures – The Compound

Recently I played a mid-week evening game at Ambush Adventures new site, The Compound. It’s an old Army barracks located in Aldershot featuring some nice tight places. It’s a fairly small site so the airsofting is fast and intense with the bonus of never being very...
Ambush Adventures Southampton

Game Day at Ambush Adventures Southampton

On Sunday 20th May I headed down to Southampton with my buddy to play at the Ambush Adventures airsofting site there. This site was closed for a little while hence me not playing there before despite Ambush Adventures running my local sites. So, here is a brief breakdown of the day.