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So about a month ago I headed over to UCAP Airsoft’s, The Sandpit for a Sunday skirmish. I had high hopes for this site after my previous experience at one of their other sites The Bunker and I’m pleased to say I was not disappointed. Boasting the use of vehicles in over 1,000 acres of buildings, lakes, forests, roads, tracks, bunkers, tunnels, cliffs, hills, grasslands, indoor, and outdoors, it’s fair to say that when UCAP say they have it all, they mean it! 

Airsoft Games

As I said, having played at UCAP’s The Bunker my expectations were high. If you haven’t already done so you can read my review of The Bunker by visiting: UCAP Airsoft’s – The Bunker. The games at The Sandpit take more of a Milsim stance. We didn’t play any of the standard Sunday skirmish games such as capture the flag or any zombie warm up games that a fair few sites run. In fact, throughout the day we only played two game types. The first game we played at The Sandpit had a human dummy as the objective. The attacking team’s objective was to fight their way to the dummy. At this point a vehicle would move up to load the dummy and the attacking team had to then safely escort the dummy and vehicle back to their base camp. The defending team just had to stop them at all costs. After this game had finished the teams reversed roles. The second game had the defending team occupying a set of buildings with their spawn point outside while the attacking team had to clear all buildings. Again after this game the teams were switched. One thing I do like about UCAP is they provide all their players with a coloured armband, rather than the usual coloured tape. This is good because they can then utilise that for re-spawning and medic rules. At The Sandpit, every player must wear their armband on their left arm. Once they are shot they have to remain in location, but can stand, sit or lay down and they are then allowed to call for a medic. Once a medic reaches you, for him to revive you, he must move your arm band from your left arm to your right. You cannot help him while he is doing this and if you’re shot in the process you’re both dead. Once you have been revived and you have your arm band on your right arm, any shot after this will kill you and you must re-spawn. It’s a nice touch to the game play here and does well to prevent people from forgetting how many medic’s they have had!

Game day at UCAP Airsoft's The Sandpit

Airsoft Site

The Sandpit is an immense airsofting site and it is obvious to see why it is often used for weekender Milsim events. The day we were there we only used a small amount of the site and even that was large enough for me and my buddies to struggle with orientation for the first part of the morning. The game zones are unrestricted with the perimeter of the game zones flanked by marked minefields or deep quarries. This gives the game boundaries a more realistic feel which, due to the very nature of airsoft and safety, is something that a lot of sites simply cannot do. The terrain is a mix of wooded areas, dusty gravel pits, tracks, grass, and buildings, and the site works well. There are ample places for all types of players to utilise whether you’re a gun ho rush in, type player or a long range sniper. There is a part of the site for everyone and all work well together.


I never used the amenities here as it was hot as hell on the day I played so all of my moisture escaped through sweat, but they did have a portaloo on site. Lunch is provided and consisted of hot dog, nachos and baked beans with cold drinks available too. They also have an on site shop which stocks anything you would need in an emergency but if you visit the UCAP Facebook group the shops owner will bring specific items on game days, upon request.


  • Evening Airsoft Game £15
  • Full Sunday Skirmish £30
  • Full Sunday Skirmish with Rental £50


I had initially listed the lack of a sign as a very small criticism here, but have since been informed by the site owner that they do in fact have a sign. Even so, the site is hard to miss so long as you’re just a little bit observant due to the fact that it is a giant quarry! A point to note while entering the site, do not drive over the speed bumps unless you are in a 4×4. If you’re driving a car, you’ll probably bottom out, as I did, because they are designed for plant equipment. There is access for normal road cars around each of the speed bumps and I highly recommend using them, just in case.

There is another aspect to UCAP that has drawn some criticism from other sites and players recently and that is that they do not allow two tone guns or box magazines at their sites. Some have accused them of snobbery while others have claimed that it brings the level of the game up. I have to say that I am kind of with UCAP and their decision on this one, and I’ll explain why. UCAP is a business. They’re there to make money and as such it’s up to them how they run their business and there are plenty of other sites around to play at if you do not agree with their policy. And that’s the stance I take with everything. If you don’t like it, move on. Don’t moan and complain that it’s not fair as it is their decision to run things how they want. Yes it may be a bad business decision, but on the other hand it could also be seen as good one as they are offering their regular players just that little bit more in terms of realism, but ultimately it is their decision to make, and after all, they do offer rentals. Yes, OK, it does alienate those new players who have two tones, but that’s no different to a Milsim event banning two tones and even rentals, and that’s what The Sandpit essentially is. It’s a Sunday skirmish with a Milsim element to it and as said, they do offer rentals.


Overall The Sandpit is a great site. I’ve only played in a small portion of it and that was enough to have me hooked on the site. The game play is great, the marshals are fair and approachable and the terrain is brilliant. It’s not your average run and gun Sunday skirmish but it’s not a full on Milsim. It sits nicely in between and I would highly recommend this site to anyone wanting a go between of Sunday skirmish and Milsim. If you are a two tone owner then don’t be put off by their ban either. Once you have a RIF I strongly recommend playing there as otherwise you’ll only be missing out. Failing that you could just rent from them!

You can see footage taken from my day at The Sandpit below. Don’t forget to watch in HD and to subscribe on YouTube so you never miss a video!

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Mike is an ex British soldier who now works full time as a private security contractor. He has carried out numerous tasks within the military and within the private sector that involve similar tactics to which can be used in airsoft. He started playing airsoft in 2012 and has since launched this website to share his knowledge with the airsofting community. To find out more about Mike, visit the About Templar Airsoft Page.

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      Thanks for the comment Pete. I have heard about the new burger van just recently. A good option, and hopefully I can get down to sample some of its food. Purely for editorial research purposes of course!

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