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Welcome To My Airsoft World

Well, welcome to my digital small version of it! Hopefully with this website I can provide at least a small few people with some sound advice on Airsofting. My goal with this site is to create a small community, with everyone throwing ideas in the comments for what they’d like to see and what they think of my thoughts.┬áThat way this place can really grow and become a useful resource.

I’m Me, Even in Airsoft!

“But why listen to you” I hear you ask, well, you don’t have to, in fact I don’t doubt for one minute that there will be more than one person at one point who disagrees with what I say. But that’s the whole point of a community. To disagree and throw ideas around so that all can learn from all aspects. At least that’s what I believe anyway, and that’s what I hope to build! One thing I can promise you though is that I don’t talk shit, and say what I feel. I don’t pretend to be anyone other than who I am. Of course, over the time I will be doing some loadouts and “pretending” to be various different military units from around the world but that’s just re-enacting. For more information on me check out my about page at About Templar Airsoft.┬áThat’s it, in a nutshell, so kick back, take a look around and stick around, this place is only going to get bigger and better.

Michael Perridge
About the Author
Mike is an ex British soldier who now works full time as a private security contractor. He has carried out numerous tasks within the military and within the private sector that involve similar tactics to which can be used in airsoft. He started playing airsoft in 2012 and has since launched this website to share his knowledge with the airsofting community. To find out more about Mike, visit the About Templar Airsoft Page.

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